Resource centre


The BSHS Resource Centre aims to provide effective and timely information services to support the school community’s curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular / recreational interests. We strive to:

  • assist students and staff in the development of information skills which form the basis of independent lifelong learning skills
  • encourage academic excellence in learning and teaching
  • provide relevant resources in a range of formats to meet the current information needs of staff and students
  • provide support in the development of information literate students who can use information and technology effectively, ethically, creatively and critically
  • promote enjoyment of literature
  • assist students and staff in developing information and communication technology literacy
  • provide the services and technologies needed to gain maximum access to information
  • provide functional physical facilities and an encouraging, supportive environment to support the wide range of information needs of both staff and students.

students on coach reading in resource centrechairs and round stools in resource centrestudent on desktop in resource centre

seating area in resource centreseating area in resource centrestudents on desktops in resource centre

The Resource Centre manages a collection of over 20,000 resources. New resources are continually added to our collection throughout the year in consultation with subject area staff, thereby keeping resources relevant to current curriculum initiatives. Students are also given the opportunity for input into resource acquisition according to their interests.

Our bank of networked, Internet connected computers offer students access to online resources as well as to their own digital folders. The online library catalogue is available through all networked student computers in the computer labs, as well as the library.

A full range of information communication technologies (including laptops, LCD projectors, digital still and video cameras) is available for staff and student use. Two interactive whiteboard/ viewing annexes are available. Newspapers are available for student research. The vertical files are also continually updated with relevant articles from a variety of Australian newspapers, magazines and journals.
A Careers Corner in the library, maintained by both the teacher librarian and the Guidance Officer, provides information on various career pathways. The School Nurse also provides health information relevant to students near this area. The Guidance notice board outside the library keeps students up-to date with current career and health issues.

Displays of student work, art and sculptures are placed throughout the library to showcase student talent and achievements. Board games are available at lunchtimes to supplement reading and research activities. The teacher librarian is available at lunchtimes (and after school by arrangement) to assist students with research and information skills.

Our library staff collectively have many years of experience and formal specialist training. Together, we continue to support our learning community’s progress on the information superhighway to the future.

Julie Beak
Teacher Librarian

Last reviewed 03 June 2019
Last updated 03 June 2019